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Rough Seas and a Two Act Performance

2015 08-13 SB Channel

Out of the moderate seas, swells and crisp winds a magical traveling troupe of five humpback whales sought out their Condor Express fans and put on a spectacular show. The swell direction slowed things down today and we ran as far as we possibly could. We ended up only 6 miles or so off the northern Santa Barbara coastline where small, one square meter anchovy bait balls were scattered here and there. The traveling troupe started their performance by surface lunge feeding once on each bait ball. Of course, after one lunge, there was nothing left.

After the surface lunge feeding in Act One, the troupe moved over to get closer to their fans and mugged the Condor Express for 45 minutes in their second and final act. During their mugging performance, the 5 #whales demonstrated many of the behaviors and tricks that make them famous. For example we had the legendary spout all over the people trick performed several times in different locations around the boat so everyone had an equal chance to get soaked.   Next, there was the rolling and waving of their long pectorals, which sent fans previously glued to the handrails back a step or two.   Headstands were also included in Act Two, in which nothing but the tail stock and tail flukes were seen waving around above the choppy whitecaps. Finally, no one can forget that totally surprising scene in Act Two in which the whales took turns spy hopping as the boat rocked and rolled up and down. On the downhill phase of the waves passing the humpbacks got great looks at everyone.

It should be noted that the supporting cast of at least 350 long-beaked common #dolphins definitely made the entire experience exciting and robust.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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