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Santa Ana winds in Santa Barbara. We watched whales and dolphins nevertheless.

Image: A leaping long-beaked common dolphin.

2023 11-25 SB Channel - West

Today the Strong Santa Ana winds moved into our neck of the Channel. Captain Devin and the crew sought partial shelter by hugging the beach and heading out to the far western Channel. Skies were mostly sunny, but the wind and white caps kept it “nautical.”

Our first stop was to watch a small herd of common dolphins (see today’s photo) in a hot spot full of birds and a few sea lions that formed about 1 mile south of Leadbetter Beach. We continued west.

Off More Mesa a single juvenile whale crossed our path and we had a few challenging looks. It was in transit mode and heading east (back into the eye of the wind and seas). Its long down times didn’t help.

After moving to the far western Channel, we found a pair of whales 4 miles SW of Naples Reef among about 100 dolphins. The pair was, you guessed it, moving quickly to the SE, similar to our first sighting. A couple of nice tail flukes were seen by all.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store,

Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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