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Sat July 17 – Whale and Dolphin Report

Dear Friends,

It is the best of all times for whales and dolphins in the Santa Barbara Channel.  Today the Condor Express found Blue Whales (closely observed), and Humpback Whales (somewhat at a distance), as follows:

3 Blue Whales (including a mother and calf)

3 Dall's Porpoise (the black and white torpedos)

100 Common Dolphins

1 huge Ocean Sunfish, aka Mola mola

and dozens of Egg Yolk Jellyfish

The whales were up on the feeding grounds near Santa Rosa Island, and their preferred food item, the krill, were up on the surface.  It was calmer on the north side the Santa Barbara Channel, and a bit more breezy near the feeding grounds.  You should advise your friends and customers to bring a light jacket or plan on getting a toasty warm Condor Express sweatshirt sold on the boat.  All in all it was a tremendous nature-loving experience today, and these magnificent whales should continue in the same area for the days ahead.  Fantastic!

You can always direct interested persons to our photographic site for the daily images:

There is still room aboard tomorrow's trip.  We depart 7 days a week at 10am and return to the Sea Landing in Santa Barbara Harbor around 230pm.  Call 1-877-WHALE for reservations.

Best fishes and have a WHALE of a day!

Bob Perry, aka Staff Phototgrapher Condor Express PS, the inbox for this email address is relatively un-monitored, so send your questions and comments to my email address above.

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