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Saturday humpback whale-o-rama

The strong winds that blow to the east continue to miss the eastern Santa Barbara Channel humpback whale grounds. These winds are forecast to die completely later today, making Sunday a potential stunner. The clear skies and unlimited vistas afforded views from Point Conception to Boney Ridge in the Santa Monica Mountains….all four northern islands were in clear view. This provided a wonderful Fall whale watch backdrop as the Condor Express closely watched 6 humpback whale today. These whales were segmented off in pairs, and took turns diving for what might likely have been sub-surface feeding on anchovies. The anchovies were not on the surface today….perhaps tomorrow! Bird and dolphin hot spots and feeding frenzies were all over the grounds, and this attracted 3 or 4 Minke whales and over 1,000 common dolphins to the scene. It was definitely a humpback whale-o-rama with lots of other spouting mammals joining the fun.

Hope to see you on board tomorrow for some great whaling and photography. Don’t forget your holiday gift tide calendars on sale now:

Happy Holidays Tell ’em Bob sent you

Bob Perry Condor Express

#commondolphins #humpbackwhales #minkewhales #SantaBarbaraChannel

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