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Scarlet and Shorty are Back

Scarlet and Shorty are Back

Captain Eric and his crew headed east over a long period ground swell from the west, on glassy seas, to locate a hot spot with at least 6 humpback whales and 100+ long beaked common dolphins.  The day got cranking just east of Henry where a breaching juvenile humpback caught everyone’s eye.  On the scene we found the breacher to be none other than our pal “Shorty,” and his mother “Scarlet” was there too.  The pair made several friendly approaches to the Condor Express to the delight of their fan club.  The last time we saw Scarlet she was not with Shorty, so it is reassuring to know the pair has come back together in the Santa Barbara Channel.   The pair continued to breach, slap their tails, and even do upside down tail slaps, all of this (of course) was in that crystal blue water we’ve been having.

A bit further south there was a second pair of humpback #whales that were pretty much traveling on a direct path and didn’t perform any tricks.   Finally, near mid-Channel, we found a lone, large, adult humpback and it breached a few times creating quite a thunderous mass of white water.

A fun, if not epic, day on the Channel.   Wow. You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob PerryCondor Express

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