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Single humpback pulls a surprise breach.

2018 08-11 SB Channel

It was sunny and calm all day as the Condor Express ran across the Santa Barbara Channel and ended up working a productive region between Fraser Point, Santa Cruz Island and Carrington Point, Santa Rosa Island. Sightings for the day include 1 humpback whale and 2000 long-beaked common dolphins.

Captain Dave and his crew report seeing non-stop dolphin pods from The Lanes and south, plus all along the productive region.  The past few days have been characterized by these large assemblies of dolphins.  Seeing them ride our bow, side and stern waves in calm seas is always special.

The lone humpback had light pectoral fin coloration and was very cooperative.  Everyone got great looks.  After watching this magnificent beast for ½ hour or so, it did a partial breach and thrilled its fan club members on the Condor.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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