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Six Gray Whales and Gorgeous Coastal Views

Image: two gray whales near Platform Holly.

2023 03-02 SB Coast

We found clear, blue skies on both the 9A and 12N trips today. Seas were slightly bumpy from overnight winds. Captain Dave and the crew hugged the coast and moved up to the west, ending up past Platform Holly and the Ritz-Carlton Bacara Resort. Sightings included 6 Pacific gray whales and a plethora of furry California sea lions around Holly.

On our trip up the coast we kept and eye out for wildlife while enjoying the gorgeous Santa Barbara sea cliffs and the various estates atop them. Past UCSB, Dave toured our local decommissioned Platform Holly, and we observed the many sea lions on mooring cans and the platform superstructure.

Near Holly we watched 2 adult gray whales closer to shore as they (and all our whales today) migrated north. Nice looks were had by all.

West of Holly the coast turns less populated and the views of green meadows and small forests were amazing. A bit further offshore than our first pair of whales, we located and watched a group of four. These, too, were all adult whales and were very regular in both course direction and dive cycles. Always amazing to see!

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry

Condor Express, and

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