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Species Smorgasbord

Species Smorgasbord

It was a massive species smorgasbord out on the feeding grounds today.  Seas were a bit calmer than yesterday – nary a swell; medium breeze.  It was sunny all day which helped the crew of the Condor Express spot a whole lot of spouts. We ended up with 11 closely watched humpback whales that performed breaches, made friendly approaches and also spent at least 30 minutes straight gobbling huge amounts of krill on the surface so everyone could see their tonsils.  Sea lions and birds were also whipped up into a frenzy dining on the krill shoals.  Many more humpback spouts were all around us on this hot spot.  Next up it was a blue whale, then more blue whales.  We ended up watching 4 #bluewhales closely, but (as with the humpbacks) there were other very tall spouts in the vicinity.  In the blue whale zone a lone fin whale was observed feeding.  Finally, there were common dolphins all around all day long…Captain Dave estimated at least 3,000 individuals.  The summer season is now officially here and all the usual species suspects are arriving on the scene.  Things are very very hot right now and I hope to see you all on board soon.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store Bob Perry Condor Express

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