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Suddenly there are a LOT of whales around here.

2015 05-17 SB Channel

Captain Eric steered the Condor Express into humpback whale land again today, but under much better sea conditions than Saturday’s adventure.   There was only a light breeze today, and it was calm otherwise. The “hot spot” today featured lots more humpback whales, and these beasts seem to be spreading out. The whale fans enjoyed close looks with at least 7 humpbacks in the feeding mix, along with approximately 1,500 long-beaked common dolphins, sea lions, sea birds and such. There were a few distant tale throws, and a lot more spouts that we could not get to in the activity zone.

Heading north towards Santa Barbara Harbor we ran into another humpback whale, then, about 3 miles offshore, a gray whale mother and her calf.   We stayed with each a while and had more good looks before continuing north.   Soon there were 3 more humpback whales just 2 miles outside the harbor, and more spouts, as before. In total, we closely watched 2 gray whales, and 10 humpback whales, and Eric believes there were probably another 10 humpbacks we could not get to. The dolphin show was fun, per usual.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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