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Sun shines on humpback whales (and dolphins)

Captain Dave was at it again, and so were the mighty humpback whales of the Santa Barbara Channel. If this isn’t the best whale watching in California then I don’t know what is. Seven of the knobby headed beasts were gorging themselves on great balls of northern anchovies again, so everyone on board the Condor Express was amazed to see surface lunge feeding. If you add a few nice tail lobs and some rolling and slapping, well, you the picture. And now, the best part: the sun was out in full force for the first time in a week or so, making this spectacle of nature even more vibrant and spectacular. As with all the recent trips, thousands of common dolphins were feeding on the helpless anchovies all over the Channel.

And as if all that was not enough, Captain Dave also steered a course for some fantastic looks at a giant blue whale too.

Hope to see you on board…

Bob Perry Condor Express

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