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The peak northbound gray whale migration is here.

2018 03-11 SB Coast – As southern California braces for more light rain in the week ahead, the Condor Express found a jewel of a day today.  The sun was shining and the ocean surface was glass flat.  The cetaceans were abundant as well.  Sightings included: 6 gray whales and 150 long-beaked common dolphins.  By the way, census data for the past 10 years indicates that the peak of the northbound gray whale migration will occur this coming week and the week after.  Two trips left the docks today.

On the morning trip Captain Dave and his crew followed their traditional searching pattern and ran up the coast in search of whales.  (By the way, this search technique generally puts the Condor Express behind migrating whales, not in a head to head posture, which is the recommended approach).  Dave ran west to UCSB and back home again.

Along the way there were 5 whales. In addition a nice sized pod of dolphins located the boat and stayed with us for the ride.  “Ride,” in this case, means surfing our bow, side and stern waves.

For the afternoon trip a similar pattern was followed.  This time a single whale was located near the lighthouse and a final pair of whales was found near Campus Point.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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