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The same 2 humpback whales go wild again. Wow!

Humpback whales go wild again

Two humpback whales “mugged” the Condor Express repeatedly today. Captain Eric ran to the eastern Santa Barbara Channel again due to reports of rough seas out at the islands. As he did yesterday, he found the white tailed mother and her juvenile busy lunge feeding on the surface. At one point the juvenile rolled over upside down within inches of the boat shamelessly permitting all on board to examine it’s belly and ventral grooves. This was accompanied by frequent pectoral flipper slapping and rolling about. Both mom and the younger whale seemed to really be preoccupied with drifting giant kelp paddies today. No kelp debris was too small or too large for the humpback pair to play with, get rolled up, and then spy hop near the boat draped in kelp stipes and fronds. It was as if an artist was trying to decorate a humpback whale instead of a Christmas tree for the holiday season. These two whales are turning out to be real “hams” when the Condor Express and its people stop by for a visit.

Two Minke whales and over 1,000 common dolphins made it a day full of cetaceans and spouts.

Sea conditions are improving every day. I’ll be out tomorrow and I hope you can join the fun.

The Condor Express in not running a public trip on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (Christmas Day). So our next open adventure is Thursday December 26 (my birthday!).

Happy Holidays

Bob Perry Condor Express

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