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Tues July 13 – Whale and dolphin report

Howdy whale lovers,

A fresh breeze blew the clouds away from the whaling grounds today, and once again the Condor Express was the only ship full of modern whalers out there.  Our modern whalers shoot whales with high tech equipment:  Nikons, Canons, etc.  And the cetaceans did not disappoint.  Here are the counts for this wonderful sunny day today:

3 Blue Whales 1,500 Common Dolphins

Behind the scenes information:  The Blue Whales were amazing, sending tall plumes of spray out of their blowholes into the winds and kicking up their mighty tail flukes.  The dolphin sightings included one megapod that included many mothers and calves.   The days ahead are forecast to continue the calm seas, and we expect the magnificent sightings to continue.  No where else in the world can one get close to such a great variety of whales and dolphins.

You can always direct interested persons to our photographic site for the

Staff Phototgrapher Condor Express

PS, the inbox for this email address is relatively un-monitored, so send your questions and comments to my email address above.

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