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2017 12-01 SB Channel

There was lots of mammal action near the island today.  In The Lanes, adjacent to Arch Rock, Santa Cruz Island, Captain Eric and his crew located 3 humpback whales, 4 blue whales, 20 offshore bottlenose dolphins and 50 long-beaked common dolphins.  Skies were clear and sunny.  Winds were light and variable, and there was a strong, long-period swell from the northwest that sent a reflected surge out near the Condor Express when we were in shallow water.

The humpback whales were the marine mammals sighted.  The trio was moving west at a fairly steady pace. Two giant blue whales popped up and spent some nice surface time near the boat.  The giants then dove down. We waited 20 minutes and never saw them again.

We moved closer to shore where several dozen common dolphins located the Condor Express and came to look at their fans.  During the dolphin encounter our second Captain, Tasha, spotted two more giant blue whales.  We had good looks until they dove down and were never seen again.

Within 50 yards of Santa Cruz Island a nice pod of offshore bottlenose dolphins found us.  It was a nice encounter and the pod had numerous calves in the mix.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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