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Very active whale provides wonderful session and mugs us in rough seas

Image: A humpback mugging.

2023 08-30 SB Channel

Captain Devin and his crew found moderately rough seas from high winds offshore. It was a good, solid whale and dolphin trip and “the quality was more important than the quantity.” We watched 1 humpback whale and 300 long-beaked common dolphins.

Our encounters with dolphins began just south of the kelp farm, with very small groups between 10 – 20 animals. This would be the norm today. Dolphins love bumpy seas (as I mentioned yesterday), so having them around the boat in any number is always fun.

We moved slowly out towards the NOAA Mid-Channel Buoy, and then west. Finally, off Gaviota, a single humpback whale was spotted by our Condor Express crew alumna, Anna. And this whale turned out to be a doosie. It made more than a half-dozen very close approaches. It also dedicated quality time to some serious mugging (see today’s photo for an example). Great looks were had by all.

On the way back home…more open ocean surfing dolphins.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry

Condor Express, and

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