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We got mugged by whales and dolphins today

An iPhone snapshot taken by Captain Mat Curto.

The count: 6 humpback whales 1,500 common dolphins

Again we had very sunny skies, but the winds were a bit more moderate than they were yesterday. We got on an area with dolphins, birds and six humpback whales. All was well, people and whales were happy. And then things got frosty. Three of the six whales adopted the Condor Express and mugged us. (For new readers, “mugging” is when the whales are so close they practically touch the hull of the boat). This went on for quite a while and after the initial shock of seeing a 45-foot long, knobby headed beast eyeball to eyeball, happiness reigned across the decks.

It was a special day for sure. Bob Perry Condor Express

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