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Whale and dolphin sightings continue to be very hot

2017 06-09 SB Channel

Whale and dolphin sightings continue to be very hot. 800 long-beaked common dolphins, 1 humpback whale, 2 Minke whales and 8 blue whales were seen today on the Condor Express.  We found partly sunny with patchy fog conditions and flat, calm seas.    There are so many whales in our region of the Santa Barbara Channel that large numbers are being reported even though there was dense fog in the area.

As we have reported this past week, sightings began today when we were a few miles southeast of Santa Barbara Harbor.  Several hundred dolphins found the boat and took a good look at us as they rode our waves.  I always think of this as a two-way observation time.

Captain Dave and his crew then got on a southwesterly track heading in the general direction of the western end of Santa Cruz Island.  In The Lanes, blue whales began to pop to the surface.  We located 4 of these giants together just before the fog settled-in on us.  Dave has lots of tricks up his Condor Express sweatshirt sleeves, and today one of them paid dividends.  Realizing that it would be difficult to locate whales in the fog, and knowing there were lots of whales in the area, he slowed the boat and waited for them to come to us.  At least 4 additional whales were closely watched, and we heard even more spouting nearby.

On the way home a second pod of dolphins, with several hundred individuals, was encountered and a single humpback whale was in the mix.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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