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Whale counts keep rising in the Santa Barbara Channel

Earlier we were thrilled to see 5 nice, active humpback whales on a great trip. Then is went to 7 humpback whales. Yesterday it jumped to 10, and today it was 12 humpback whales watched closely with more spouts in the area within binocular range. It definitely looks like the central coast whales are making a move to the Santa Barbara Channel and bringing all sorts of great behaviors with them. Today we watched surface lunge feeding as well as several dramatic full body breaches. 4 Minke whales and nearly 1,000 common dolphins joined the party.

Again we had some of the best weather and sea conditions of the year! Sunny warm skies, clear blue water, flat calm surface conditions with next to zero wind all day.

You gotta get out here asap. Saturday and Sunday we run 10am to 2:30pm. “Be there or be square.” (was that Art Lebow?)

Bob Perry Condor Express

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