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Whale numbers in the Santa Barbara Channel are on the increase !

The data suggests that most baleen whales in the Santa Barbara Channel, except Minke whales, will migrate to sub-tropical waters to calf and breed during the Winter months. We also know that there are plenty of humpback whales to the north of us in central California. Given that the numbers of humpbacks we’ve been seeing has been on the rise this week, it seems to me that it is possible we are getting new whales every day from the north. They appear to be stopping here to gorge themselves on anchovies. Today the Condor Express reported 10 humpback whales, including Rope, Chomper and a bunch of new comers too. And it was a surface lunge feeding spectacle to say the least. These knobby headed beasts appear to be fattening up for the Winter using our abundant anchovy populations. 4 Minke whales and at least 500 common dolphins (many with small calves) rounded out the cetacean festival today.

We are running a normal 10am-230pm schedule tomorrow, so NOW IS THE TIME for a long weekend of local Fall whale watching. The sea conditions are never going to get any better than this….it’s impossible!

Best Bob Perry Condor Express

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