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Whales and a Bald Eagle

2016 05-12 SB Channel

Captain Eric found “a tale of two Channels” in terms of weather and sea conditions today.  It was nice, warm and even glassy on the north side of the Lanes, but south there were strong winds and some salt spray being kicked up.  There was a dramatic cloud cap along the ridgeline of Santa Cruz Island.  Luckily, as Eric did his tour of the island sea cliffs and the Cave, he put the weather astern for a nice warmish ride.  Total sightings for today included 6 gray whales, 2 humpback whales and 1 bald eagle (also seen yesterday).  Here’s the scoop:

1110 am One humpback whale moving east.  Four minutes down, two minutes up.  No flukes.  This was in the northbound shipping lane.

1210 pm South of the Lanes on the “08.”  Our second humpback whale was located.  It had 12 minutes down, two minutes up, and kicked its flukes up on the terminal dive.

1230 pm Aforementioned tour of the west end sea cliffs of Santa Cruz Island and inside the mouth of the world-famous Painted Cave.  No pelagic red crabs today.

100 pm During our continued tour to the east, a bald eagle was located and watched just past Cueva Valdez.  Breath taking.

225 pm Between the buoys, just outside the mouth of Santa Barbara Harbor, and well inside the cruise ship “Celebrity Infinity” from San Diego, six gray whales consisting of 3 cow-calf pairs, were located and watched as they headed to Alaska.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

Grammar Note: The preferred plural of dolphin is simply dolphins. In fact, most dictionaries I have viewed-Merriam Webster’s included-do not even list dolphin as an acceptable plural form of the marine mammal. Thus, dolphin as a plural form can be considered substandard.

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