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Whales and dolphins in abundance.

2016 04-10 SB Channel

There was a gap between storms today and the ocean surface was mirror glass.  Skies were sunny and clear.  Marine life was abundant out on The Flats and abundant spouts were easy to see.  We ran a morning 9 am trip and a 12 noon trip to visit The Flats, and sightings on each were similar in terms of whales and dolphins.  Here are the details:

9 am Upon arriving on the scene Captain Eric and his crew of the Condor Express quickly located a 1 mile long line of at least 1,000 long-beaked common dolphins.  The dolphins were stretched out over several smaller northern anchovy bait balls, and were joined by California sea lions and a whole host of the usual predatory sea birds.  The Condor watched 9 humpback whales, but many more spouts were seen in the vicinity. A lone Minke whale also patrolled this area.  The humpback whales were friendly and there were numerous very close approaches.

12 noon Back to The Flats.  Now the dolphins and whales were a little more spread out.  We got set up and watched 7 humpback whales on this excursion, again more were seen all around.  Only 200 of the morning pod of dolphins remained in small groups.  Two Minke whales were also watched.  As we headed back to Santa Barbara the sea conditions remained the same and it was a great day on the water.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob  Perry Condor Express

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