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Whales and short-beaked common dolphins

2022 10-30 SB Channel

Clear blue and sunny skies surrounded somewhat bumpy seas. Further offshore, all that was enhanced by a moderate breeze. Sightings included 2+ humpback whales and 500 short-beaked common dolphins. (Yikes! No long-beaks today.)

A horrible "pod" of deflated Mylar balloons was located just 2 miles south of the harbor. A trio was joined by a solo balloon. The crew deftly removed these death bags from the ocean surface to protect marine animals.

Personal observation: My previous opinion that all these balloons were either accidentally or intentionally released by humans has been modified. A recent photographic survey I did indicates that about 50% of the floating balloons we retrieved during a recent week still had strings attached. The others left for their short atmospheric ride to the ocean having lost their lanyards.

Near the southbound Lanes a large pod of short-beaked common dolphins was encountered. We stayed around these wonderful little cetaceans for about ½ hour and enjoyed their jumping, high-flying, chin-slapping and tail-walking.

After a shore move to the west and into the on-coming seas we found 2 large adult whales slowly migrating east (exiting the Channel). Surfacing was sporadic, and up times were short, but looks were still good.

On the way home, our deckhand and Condor Chef, Katelynn, spotted another humpback spouting in the distance.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry

Condor Express, and

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