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Whales Dolphins and Sharks

Today it was all about whales dolphins and sharks.

Gorgeous bright sun, flat calm seas and clear, blue water characterized the excursion today as Captain Eric and his crew racked-up an impressive number of quality cetaceans and chondrichthyes.   In the same general area as our first encounters yesterday, the Condor Express watched 6 humpback whales. A few surface lunges and rolling around took place.   2 Minke whales were also observed and they rode (separately) alongside the boat and gave great underwater looks as the Santa Barbara cobalt water was in the mid-Channel region. At least 750 long-beaked common dolphins were in the area swimming and playing with the boat in smaller pods of 100 or so. Finally, there were two separate shark sightings today, and although he is not 100% sure, Eric believes they might have been small makos.  It is not often we get to see whales dolphins and sharks on the same trip.

Tomorrow’s trip is a private all-day charter with the American Cetacean Society, and we’ll be open to the public again starting on Sunday. Hope to see you out there next week!

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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