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1 blue whale, 1 fin whale and 1 humpback plus 150 long-beaked common dolphins

2017 05-21 SB Channel

What a day: 1 blue whale, 1 fin whale and 1 humpback plus 150 long-beaked common dolphins.  All this:  great weather and sea conditions for Captain Eric and his amazing Condor Express crew.

Eric started out by taking a southeasterly track and soon, near the oil rig line, the dolphins came and found the boat.  It was great looking straight down into the water at these agile and social cetaceans.  Continuing on track, the next species, a very large humpback whale, was spotted a few miles north of The Lanes.  Again, wonderful looks were had by all.

In the separation zone between the north and south shipping lanes a small (40 – 45 foot long) fin whale was located.  This beast was exceptionally friendly and came so close to the Condor that we were able to look down at the whale just as we did with the dolphins earlier.  Eric continued on course and ended with the biggest sighting of them all:  a giant blue whale.  It was about a mile north of Cavern Point on beautiful Santa Cruz Island.  What a day!

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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