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13++++ Humpback Whales

13+++++ Humpback Whales

We ran a 9am and 12noon trip today before the winds came up and things got dicey.  Both trips ran to the humpback whale zone and Captain Dave estimated 25 or 30 whales in the area.  On the 9am trip we closely watched 6 humpback whales (with tons of spouts in the area).  The region was ripe with bait balls and seabirds.   Back again to this zone on the 12 noon trip, we closely watched 7 humpback whales (again, tons more in the area).  We saw a whale breach a few times then stay on the surface slapping its tail flukes.  Upon reaching the area, we immediately were greeted by our friend “Rope” and one of her friends.  It was a very close approach and it is always nice to see Rope close to home.

All 3 trips are planned tomorrow as the winds are supposed to drop over night and it should be gorgeous all week. A heat wave is coming and clear skies are forecast. Hope to see you on board.

Bob Perry Condor Express

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