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3 blue whales and 1,250 long-beaked common dolphins

2017 05-22 SB Channel

3 blue whales and 1,250 long-beaked common dolphins were seen today.  Captain Eric and his crew ran in and out of the fog all day and still made the trip a huge success.  Wow.

Eric steered a straight course from Santa Barbara Harbor towards the eastern end of beautiful Santa Cruz Island.  When crossing the shipping lanes for the first time, a group of around 250 dolphins found the Condor Express and surrounded it with fun and games.  From this point, the boat ran further east towards Scorpion Anchorage.

After leaving Scorpion, and crossing The Lanes for the second time, 3 blue whales were encountered and watched closely.  The calm seas and patch fog tended to amplify environmental sounds, and so the forceful giant spouts were very loud and carried far across the water.  After some magical blue whale time, we headed home.

Near the harbor, off the old lighthouse, a mega-pod containing at least 1,000 additional dolphins surrounded the Condor Express…what a joyful way to close out a special excursion.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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