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7 Humpbacks, 1 Minke and 1300 Dolphins on Calm Seas

2015 08-21 SB Channel

One great thing about this marine layer pattern we are in is that the ocean surface has been mirror glass even though moderate winds were predicted. So it was cloudy and calm as Captain Dave steered the Condor Express out of Santa Barbara Harbor this morning, heading southeast to scour the region where we had sightings yesterday.

Near Habitat we watched 2 humpback whales and approximately 500 long-beaked common dolphins. The whales had long dive times and there was no bait on the surface or hot spots today. We all assumed the #whales were gobbling small anchovy bait balls deeper down. Moving further to the southeast we saw another 500-individual pod of #dolphins. The dolphins (and California sea lions) were also diving en masse for extended periods of time and there was not much seabird activity around the mammals.

By noon-20 we found ourselves southwest of Habitat where another humpback #whale and 50 dolphins were working deep. Fifteen minutes later, another humpback with about 10 #dolphins passed by the boat. At this point Dave decided to prospect the west and around 140 pm he put us on 3 more humpbacks, one Minke whale, and 250 additional long-beaked common dolphins. These whales were much more visually pleasing as the spent most of their time on or near the surface in a slow northerly travel/logging mode. It was a peaceful and fun excursion.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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