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8 gray whales (4 x mom-calf pairs); plus dolphins

8 gray whales (4 x mom-calf pairs); plus dolphins

Two trips today:   9am and high noon.   Both trips had great weather and sea conditions and cetacean sightings.  On the morning adventure we caught up with 2 different gray whale cow-calf pairs along the kelp beds.  The calf rolled around, did a lot of stopping to enjoy its little self, then onward ho!  A short run on the outside did not yield any herds of common dolphins or humpback whales today.  By coincidence, on the 12 noon trip, we also found 2 gray whale cow-calf pairs, the second of which was watched up near UCSB.  Similar baby-whale antics were observed.  Then, around the corner, in the massive kelp forests of Isla Vista, we encountered a hunting pod of inshore bottlenose dolphins.  The were in the midst of the kelp for quite a while but then eventually the lure of the Condor Express and its wonderful bow wake along with a throng of humans was too much and the pod came out of the kelp to play for a while.

All in all it was a spectacular day.

We will keep an eye on the approaching late late season rain storm, but hope to run a 9am and 12 noon trip on Saturday. You never know what old man Weather has in store !  When in doubt, call the SEA Landing to confirm.

Bob Perry Condor Express

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