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9 gray whale cow-calf pairs + bottlenose dolphins

9 gray whale cow-calf pairs + bottlenose dolphins

Captain Dave piloted the Condor Express out of the SEA Landing on 2 excursions today:   9am and 12noon.  After watching one nice gray whale mother and calf off Goleta Bay, the boat headed further to the west and around Counter’s Point (aka Coal Oil Point).  There, off Sands Beach, there were 3 more cow-calf gray whale pairs.  The calves rolled around and carried on as they have been doing all season (and perhaps for millenia).   Clear, sunny skies and a light chop on the water was the order of the day on this morning adventure.

At noon the wind had increased to a nice breeze and the light chop showed signs of potentially increasing.  Captain Dave wisely steered the Condor Express down East and located a very active and friendly mother and calf gray whale pair off Rincon Point.  These two were absolutely fabulous to watch and the boat stayed in their vicinity for quite a while.   A bit later, on the trip slowly back to Santa Barbara, 10 or so bottlenose dolphins were seen playing in the surf off of the Santa Claus Lane area.   A real treat !

Tomorrow we are running 9am and 12 noon, and if all goes well, at 3pm also.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store

Bob Perry Condor Express

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