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A bright sunny day full of cetaceans

Captain Dave took the helm as the Condor Express ran a noon trip loaded up with happy and knowledgeable whale enthusiasts. A short trip to the southeast brought us within good visual range of two northbound gray whales. These #whales were very regular in their habits and averaged 3½ minutes down between spouts. They were very nice whales.

We then headed away from the larger cetaceans in favor of some of the smaller species. At first we watched about 100 long-beaked common dolphins, but after another sighting of a gray whale pair, a mega-pod of widely spread-out #dolphins came our way from the west. This second pod easily contained 750 – 1,000 individuals. What fun!

By the way, the second pair of whales may have been a second sighting of the first pair.   But additional spouts were seen in the zone.

Sea conditions were good. Skies were sunny and warm, and a fresh breeze wafted across the inner waters making the spouts puff up for easy spotting.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store Bob Perry Condor Express

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