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A fantastic day for whale watching

2018 03-18 SB Coast – Skies were partly cloudy.  Seas were calm.  Little to no wind blew across the coast.  In all, there were great conditions for locating and closely watching 8 gray whales today.  A single, 12 noon, excursion left the dock…a fantastic day for whale watching.

Captain Dave and his crew ran about 3 miles straight out of Santa Barbara Harbor and intercepted a group of whales.  Three spouts became five.  Five became six.  To everyone’s surprise, this sighting turned out to consist of a group of six whales migrating north together.  They were large, adult animals and fun to follow west as far as Goleta Bay.

Dave then turned back towards the harbor, but took a path closer to shore along the kelp beds.  A single whale was located off the lighthouse, and another single whale at Leadbetter Beach.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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