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A showy humpback and hundreds of dolphins.

2020 07-21 SB Channel

There was a touch of wind in the Channel. It wasn’t strong in the morning, but it picked up in the afternoon. As I always say: “There’s nothing better than a humpback breaching in the wind.” Must they not love the feeling of the wind whipping across their body…how different it must be from their much calmer undersea abode. Sightings included 1 humpback and 600 long-beaked common dolphins.

There were scattered dolphins on our southerly heading and they, too, are fun to watch in the wind. It’s like a little glimpse into what is must be like to be a dolphin 24/7…sometimes it gets very wild, and the animals have probably been bred to enjoy it. At least what they did today with only a moderate chop on the water.

Just north of The Lanes, and off the western end of beautiful Santa Cruz Island, we located our humpback whale. It was animated, showing off much of its surface repertoire, stimulated by the breeze (my opinion). As you know, it breached. It also rolled around, swam upside-down, and did some pectoral fin slapping while in the belly-up position.

Winds are forecast to diminish tomorrow.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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