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A trip east yields 6 humpbacks and hundreds of dolphins

2017 10-19 SB Channel

Today’s sightings were confined to the eastern Santa Barbara Channel in an area we call The Flats which lie south and east of the Carpinteria oil rig line.  Captain Dave and his crew reported finding: 6 humpback whales and 300 long-beaked common dolphins.  There was only a light breeze on the water, but a residual, short interval surface chop from the far west made it an interesting trip.

The first stop took place with the sighting of a mother humpback whale and her calf.  This was followed by 2 adult whales and finally, a third adult.  For a short time there were bait balls near the surface and a few surface lunge feeding episodes were seen by all.  Sea birds and a few dolphins were also active in the area.

After a healthy period watching the 5 whales mixed with dolphins, Dave headed north, closer to shore.  Along the way, the dolphins were actively riding the short interval waves mentioned in the first paragraph…they never miss a free ride and some fun.  Soon a 6th whale appeared and made a couple of close passes by the Condor Express to see its fan club.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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