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A wonderfuly friendly gray whale !

We ran two gray whale watching trips today under the direction of Captain Dave. The early morning featured some light rain which fortunately subsided before we departed the dock. The weather just kept getting better and better all day and the second trip was bright and sunny throughout. Sea conditions were great. We saw three gray whales, but one of them stole the show. But the show was a duo, as the whale had involuntarily “adopted” a juvenile California sea lion. The two stayed together for about an hour and a half as the cavorting sea lion kept pestering the whale, but served us human observers as a great sentinel beacon as to the whereabouts of the whale. This whale made several very close approaches to the Condor, and did a partial breach at one point too.

I’ll post up the photos tomorrow to

Hope to see you on board. Bob Perry Condor Express

#bestwhalewatchinginCalifornia #graywhales #santabarbarachannelislands

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