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Abundant and diverse marine mammals among the numerous birdnados.

Image: a “birdnado” hot spot with a variety of seabird species, a humpback whale and long-beaked common dolphins. Not shown: California sea lions.

2023 09-17 SB Channel

A high marine layer kept things pleasant in the Channel today, in addition to the calm seas and light breeze. Sightings were phenomenal: 4500 long-beaked common dolphins, 2 Minke whales, 200 California sea lions, 7 humpback whales and 40 offshore bottlenose dolphins.

We did not run as far to the west today, instead worked mostly south out to the edge of The Lanes. Sightings began 4 miles south of the harbor where our first groups of common dolphins, large and small, including some birdnados, were found. (See today’s photo for an example of a birdnado). Around the edge of a birdnado hot spot a BIG Minke whale came by and gave great looks. Moments later, a second, smaller Minke WITH NO DORSAL FIN, also paid us a fleeting visit. As we got back up to speed and on our southerly course heading, a nice pod of offshore bottlenose dolphins located us and took up surfing our wake waves and high jumping 20 feet or more in the air.

Moving just a bit southwest and now 6 miles off Hope Ranch, more dolphins, hot spots, birdnados and large mobs of sea lions produced 4 individual humpback whales. Most were rather shy and seemed to be searching and perhaps feeding sub-surface (who really knows what’s going on down there?)

After moving southeast, and again in the dolphins, we found a single adult humpback whale. This beast was unusually vocal with frequent loud grunts and whines…you’ve gotta love these anthropomorphisms. We located this humpback because we saw it breach from a few miles away. On the edge of The Lanes we watched two additional, single humpback whales.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry

Condor Express, and

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