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An air of mystery: Cetaceans in the fog!

2019 07-07 SB Channel

The Condor Express took a southeasterly course heading and ended up traversing the entire Santa Barbara Channel, ending up south of The Lanes and even with Pedro Point, Santa Cruz Island. Things started off with a low marine layer, but unfortunately, by the time we reach the whale and dolphin zone off Santa Cruz, the stratus was at surface level…i.e., FOG. Nevertheless, Captain Dave and his crew put together some solid wildlife sightings, including: 1 Minke whale, 1500 long-beaked common dolphins and 3 humpbacks.

A single Minke whale and a solo humpback were individually watched when we were just south of Platform Habitat. Continuing east, two more humpbacks were watched. It was a mother with her calf-of-the-season. We had nice looks. Dolphins were all around from the first sighting of the Minke to the last humpback.

The crew stopped and removed evil helium balloons from the ocean surface as a public service, along with their regular duties.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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