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An East Channel Day

An East Channel Day

A medium sized humpback that we have been seeing this week on and off, characterized by its size and a huge patch of barnacles behind its blow holes on the dorsal surface, came over and played around the Condor Express today.  The water was crystal clear and the entire outline of this humpback could be seen way down there.  It was mind blowing, according to Captain Eric.  The whale was surrounded by common dolphins and all this took place on the north side of the east Channel, off the coast of Carpenteria, approximately.   From there, Eric steered a course to the eastern end of Santa Cruz Island (rumors of large black and white cetaceans had been circulating) where there was even more dolphin congregations acting strangely….fast moving, milling, more moving…kind of jittery.  But alas, nothing in the black and white color spectrum today.  The estimated common #dolphin total was just over 1,000.  The morning started off foggy but quickly gave way to clear skies.  Seas were very calm again today.  A complete tour of the east end of Santa Cruz Island included a stop inside Potato Harbor.

Tomorrow the public whale watch is 1 pm to 530 pm. You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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