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An Epic Day

2016 06-05 SB Channel

Captain Eric and his crew ran an excellent adventure out to the Ledge where the Condor Express (CX) whale fans were treated to something new:  no fog !  Consequently the whale sightings were spectacular and we are hoping for continued great conditions as the  new week continues.  The total sightings for today included 400 long-beaked common dolphins, 4 humpback whales, 2 fin whales, and 12 blue whales closely watched with many more spouts all around the boat.

Things got off to a quick start as we approached the 50 fm curve on a line to the West End.  Here we located a spread-out and busy group of common dolphins that were engaged in chasing down northern anchovies.  They did take time out to visit the boat and say hi to their peeps.  There was also one migrating humpback, heading east, mixed in with the little cetaceans.

Continuing our trek to the south and into The Lanes,  another humpback (long down times) was encountered so we moved closer to the Cave where at least 7 blue whales were encountered.  Several of these blue whales approached the CX,  swam under the boat, and logged right next to us so that we had to look straight down to whale watch instead of laterally.  Fluking-up by the blues was also very abundant today…it seemed like every other dive.

Heading home two very active humpback whales were easy to locate due to all the splashing around.  One had a peculiar behavior during which it swam along the surface at a very high speed while slapping one of its gigantic pectoral fins against its own body.  Huh?  The second humpback at first appeared to be logging but started moving slowly forward, then picked up steam and breached within 50 yards of the CX several times.  It then proceeded to slap its pects, roll around,  and generally make a fuss.  Three more blue whales surfaced and joined the mix.

A short time later we watched one fin whale slowly move west then circle around a bit with 2 minute dives.  A second fin whale surfaced a ways in front of the CX bow, approached the boat, dove under us and hung motionless beneath our two hulls.  At one point it let out a huge bubble blast so the air came up all around us. Wow, what an epic day!

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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