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Another “beast” of a day in the Santa Barbara Channel

2018 06-06 SB Channel

It was another beast of a day in the Santa Barbara Channel with 5 giant fin whales, one huge blue whale and 250 long-beaked common dolphins closely watched.  Skies were a bit grey and seas had a light chop, but no matter, the sightings were spectacular.

On the way out in the morning, about 4 miles southwest of Santa Barbara Harbor, a nice pod of dolphins located the Condor Express and there was a lot of human-dolphin observing going back and forth between the species.  Naturally the dolphins, as did the larger pod we’d see later in the trip, rode our bow, side and stern waves.

The beasts were found far to the southeast, in The Lanes north of Coche Point.  We located a single fin, then a pair, then a huge blue whale, and finally another pair of fins.  All had medium down times and good surface, breathing intervals for excellent watching.

As a note, the single blue had some damage to its tail flukes.  Captain Dave reports that around ½ of the right tail fluke was missing.  The wound did not look fresh and perhaps others may have taken a photo that could be shared on our FaceBook or Instagram.

The grand finalé was a larger group of dolphins with a couple hundred animals that rode along with us as we departed the giant whale feeding area.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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