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Another excellent and record humpback day

image: a humpback whale slaps its mighty pectoral fin.

2023 07-23 SB Channel

We had blue skies and gorgeous conditions all day today. Sightings for the trip included: 18+ humpback whales, 4000 long-beaked common dolphins and 200 California sea lions.

Dolphin herds were seen just 1/2 mile off the beach near Ledbetter. 200 animals were watched for a while before we moved out to the west of The Buoy. Among the dolphins here we spent time with a juvenile humpback...but there were additional spouts everywhere. We saw whales rolling around, pectoral fin slapping, tail throwing an several breaches.

Just 3 miles further west was an area so full of whales the Captain Devin could not count them. They were at least 15, and we did not have time to watch them all. But Devin did move around and we watched as many as when they were on the surface. They all seemed to be in transit mode.

Bob Perry

Condor Express, and

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