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Another Quad Pod…and more

Another Quad Pod…and more.

We ran up the line under cloudy skies and finally located gray whales up by the Goleta Pier.  On the way we got intercepted by 25 bottle nose dolphins.  After leaving the nice dolphin encounter, the whales turned out to be a quad pod like so many others we’ve been seeing these past few days. (By quad pod I mean two cow calf pairs, for a total of four gray whales.) This quad pod turned out to be the slowest moving gray whales that I have seen all year.  It took nearly an hour  for them to move from the Pier up to Campus Point.  Sea birds were active and pelicans were diving all along the way.

After some really good looks we moved offshore in search of common dolphins.  No luck.  But back near the harbor we found another cow calf pair making the total 6 gray whales for the trip.

It was mostly mirror glass sea conditions and the water away from shore is starting to get blue again. Tomorrow we are running all 3 trips:  9, noon, and 3.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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