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Blue whale, fin whale, humpback whales and more !

A glorious diversity of marine mammals, including a blue whale and a fin, approached the Condor Express today, Sunday, September 11, 2016.  There was a light breeze with good sea conditions and Captain Eric, along with his crew, put the boat into position to enjoy the company of a blue whale, a fin whale, two humpback whales, at least 1,000 long-beaked common dolphins, and several dozen California sea lions.  It was exceptionally nice to see a blue whale again since most of them have been feeding south of San Miguel island these days…out of range for even a fast aluminum catamaran.

Ojos de águila Auggie, our deck hand,  located the blue whale, and it came close to the boat about 3 miles north of The Lanes.  The blue  was also a very cooperative fluker and dove deep on a regular 10 minute dive cycle.  Moving further south and into the lanes, a very large fin whale came up and circled around the Condor.  Within a very short period of time the two largest animal species to ever inhabit the planet had paid us a visit and we were not done yet by any means.  Groups of dolphins, mostly 100 or less in population, were around the area and took advantage of every bit of wave energy in the area.

The third sighting zone was far to the southwest, about 5 miles north of beautiful Santa Rosa Island.  Several large dolphin herds came by, as did a few dozen California sea lions in two or three mobs.  One humpback whale popped near the boat, and soon it was joined by a second.  The humpbacks were taking one breath and then diving, perhaps on the move somewhere.  They were not as animated or friendly as the blue whale and fin whale had been.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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