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Blue Whale Watching in February ??? Whaaaa?

Early blue whale watching in the Santa Barbara Channel

Whale Watching Report February 8, 2013 1 blue whale 2 Minke whales 700+ common dolphins

Capt Mat

Captain Mat and the Condor Express treated us to some very early blue whale watching today in the eastern Santa Barbara Channel today. That’s right. This is the earliest sighting of a blue Whale that anyone around here can recall. Usually blue whale watching is in late Spring. And this weather is not exactly Spring-like. If that was not enough, we also had 2 Minke whales, one of which was quite friendly and circled the Condor Express. About 700 common dolphins rounded out the day. For information on reservations, visit the or call Sea Landing at (805) 882 0088.

Spectacular stuff. Bob Perry Condor Express Photographer

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