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Blue whales, fin whales, offshore bottlenose and common dolphins

2018 07-09 SB Channel

There is still a residual amount of heat in town as the tail end of a multi-day heat wave passes through.  Hot in town, but moderate and nice out in the Santa Barbara Channel where the following species were closely watched: 7+ blue whales, 2 fin whales, 75 offshore bottlenose dolphins, and 200 long-beaked common dolphins. Captain Tasha and her crew ran across the Channel and ended up just north of the eastern portion of beautiful Santa Cruz Island.

On the way out in the morning, many dozens of common dolphins were found in scattered here and there in small groups.  Each group took its turn coming to the boat as we traversed the region heading southeast.  A bit further along the route a nice-sized pod of offshore bottlenose dolphins passed through on their way to the east.  Several calves were seen among the larger adults.

Further east, and just south of The Lanes, Tasha located the giant whale hot spot with both fins and blues in the area.  Three of the giant blues were regular tail-flukers, and some made close passes along the side of the boat.  Many more spouts were further out past the area we had time to study, and the numbers above reflect only those animals we watched directly.

The trip home featured even more groups of friendly common dolphins.  Seas were calm and glassy for the whole trip.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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