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Blue whales, humpback whales and loads of dolphins.

2020 09-18 SB Channel East

It was another great trip to the land of the giants near the east end of Santa Cruz Island. The dense, zero visibility, coastal fog lifted to nice blue sunny skies about 6 miles out of Santa Barbara Harbor. There was a nice refreshing breeze out with the whales. Sightings included 4+ giant blue whales, 2 humpback whales and 200 long-beaked common dolphins.

There were a lot of blue whales in the general vicinity, and we watched 4 of them closely. Binoculars helped the crew see distant spouts and know there more were to the east of our location. One of the four was a great fluker.

After a nice long look at the giant blue whales, Captain Dave did a short tour of the northeastern sea cliffs and motored slowly into beautiful Potato Harbor. Then it was a northbound hunt for more cetaceans. Leaving Potato we re-located the same 4 whales and said “hi” briefly but did not stop again.

North of The Lanes two different dolphin pods of about 100 individuals each located the Condor Express and rode our bow, side and stern waves. Dolphin fans on board had some quality visual interactions as they looked up while fans looked down.

Further along our homeward route and southwest of Platform Habitat, we found a pair of humpback whale engaged in subsurface feeding. Unlike their distant giant blue cousins, the pair kicked up their flukes on every dive. It was a great final cetacean encounter for a wonderful day in the Channel.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry Condor Express, and

SPECIAL TRIP NOTICE Captain Dave has announced a second 8-hour whale watch due to the success of last month’s adventure and the continued presence of giant blue whales in our waters. Whales of many species, several kinds of dolphins, sharks Mola mola, pelagic birds, gelatinous animals…who knows what Mother Nature has in store? Mark your calendar for Saturday September 26. The trip departs promptly at 8am and returns sometime after 4pm. Sign up at:   Hope to see you on board.

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