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“Bluebird” day.

2020 02-15 SB Channel

We had a phenomenal looks today at cetaceans including 3000 long-beaked common dolphins and two Pacific gray whales. It was another one of those “bluebird days“ as Captain Dave calls them… clear skies, calm seas, no wind, clear water…all of the above! The largest megapod of dolphins was observed during our first sighting just about 5 miles from home. Here we had at least 2000 animals spread out over many miles up and down the coast. Of course every time we spend the boat up, they would rush over to get a free ride on our wake waves. This species consists of surfing maniacs and will look for any excuse to ride a wave! After some fantastic dolphin watching, Captain Dave took us across for a tour of the majestic seacliffs along the northern face of beautiful Santa Cruz Island. Before looking inside the first chamber of the worlds longest sea cave, the Painted Cave, we found 2 gray whales. After the cave experience we came back out and re-located them and were able to follow behind them for quite a while. We saw their beautiful tail flukes as well as their bodies glistening just beneath the surface. After a run up to the west end of Santa Cruz Island, we turned north and slowly headed for home. But it was not long before the next megapod of dolphins was located. This group was about 1000 animals strong and was much more tightly-packed and condensed than the one we had this morning. Nonetheless they were equally interested in taking some free rides on our waves. Unfortunately, today being the day after Valentine’s Day, we encountered quite a few “beautiful” red heart-shaped balloons. They have not yet been banned in California and they still present quite a menace to the marine life. We did stop while our deckhand Colton brought out the gaff and retrieved them. Take a look at the website: and you’ll see what I mean!

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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