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California Humpback whales in the Santa Barbara area continue to thrill whale fans.

California Humpback whales in Santa Barbara

California Humpback whales in Santa Barbara area continue to thrill whale fans daily. A warm, clear, sunny summer-like day out on the Santa Barbara Channel brought the California humpback whales to the near eastern portion of the feeding area today. Among the 3 humpback whales was our friend “Rope,” who, by coincidence, had a 12-hour suction cup tag on her for a while this morning as part of a long term California humpback whale population study done by John Calambokidis at Cascadia Research Collective. Our Rope is now providing all sorts of data about her dive profile, swimming, etc that will help science learn more about our humpback stock. A total of 3 humpbacks were watched by the Condor Express today with another whale seen spouting in binocular range. Of course, the megapods of common dolphins are still out there feeding on the same bait fish that lure the big whales. It was a spectacular day.

Today’s Summary: 3 humpback whales 1,200 long beaked common dolphins

Bob Perry PS Our last trip before the annual haul-out for maintenance will be October 28. We expect to be in the boat yard until Wed. Nov. 21. Sign up now for spectacular Fall sightings.

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