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Cetacean Society Scores Many Marine Mammal Species

Cetacean Society Scores Many Marine Mammal Species

An American Cetacean Society all day whale watch charter today covered many many miles of ocean.  After a run along the coast past Gaviota and almost to Cojo Anchorage, we took advantage of the very calm seas and cut across the Santa Barbara Channel to San Miguel Island.  The sightings included one humpback whale, 3 Minke whales, at least 300 Risso’s dolphins, more than 3,500 common dolphins and some great looks at elephant seals.   One of the Minke whales was pretty darned friendly and came close to the Condor Express.   The elephant seals were on the beach inside beautiful Cuyler Harbor where full grown adult males had their territory staked out and were engaged in ritual and instinctive battle over real estate.  The real estate, of course, included a full compliment of females that had come ashore to rest as they do twice a year from their pelagic lives.  It was particularly rare to be able to see San Miguel and Cuyler with such flat and calm sea conditions.


We have a normal 10 am to 230 pm whale watch on Sunday, but Monday’s schedule is different with a 1 pm departure and 530 pm return.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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