Condor Express sings “the blues” again.

2017 06-28 SB Channel

Captain Dave and his crew racked-up some impressive sightings today:  10 blue whales, 4 humpback whales and 400 long-beaked common dolphins.  The weather and sea conditions were much improved over the past 3 days, and the Condor Express had the freedom to move all around the Santa Barbara Channel at will.

Two humpback whales and a couple hundred dolphins got the day going when we were about 8 miles south of Santa Barbara Harbor.  The wildlife was moving east and nothing out of the ordinary took place during this wonderful solid sighting.  Dave continued on his southerly track.

East of the world-famous Painted Cave of Santa Cruz Island, and on the edge of the southbound Lane, we passed through a small patch of fog.  As we broke out the other side of this low stratus bank, the giant spouts and huge blue-gray bodies were found in abundance.  The blue whales were all around. Although we reported 10 animals, there were many more in the vicinity that we did not have time to watch closely.  At one point we had 5 giants up on the surface near the boat at one time.  There were several tail flukes and a few close approaches.  It was another epic day at the Island.

On the ride home another couple hundred dolphins and two more humpback whales were encountered.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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