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Dense Fog, Dolphins and a Humpback Whale

2017 03-13 SB Channel

Captain Eric ran into a dense fog bank along the coast, similar to yesterday. One thing about foggy days though is that the sea surface is typically very smooth, as it was so today.  The trip was a noon departure, and, as you might expect, finding wildlife in poor visibility is quite a challenge.  About 1 hour into the excursion, and nearly 3 miles south of Hendry’s Beach, a group of around 200 long-beaked common dolphins found the Condor Express.  Luckily, these dolphins love to come up close and ride along with the boat, so despite the poor visibility, great looks were had by all.

As we were enjoying the dolphin experience, a huge humpback whale came out of the mist.  It swam near the boat and the dolphins, and rolled around a bit.  When the beast took a breath and sounded, all the cetaceans, large and small, disappeared into the vapors.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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